Curtin's drayage and freight handling services ensure the timely and efficient delivery of display materials and booth equipment.

Advance and Showsite Assistance

Curtin’s advance warehouse receives, stores, and tracks show management and exhibitor shipments for up to 30 days prior to show installation.  If a shipment is unable to meet the advance warehouse deadline, Curtin receives show-site deliveries during show installation hours at the event venue.  

Curtin’s experienced material handlers and on-site representatives provide all the services you need:

  • Delivery of show management event materials to specific locations throughout the event facitility
  • Delivery of display materials directly to the exhibitor’s booth on the exhibit floor
  • Empty stickers to label containers
  • Removal and storage of empty containers
  • Return of empty containers at the close of show
  • Assistance with preparing forms for outbound shipments
  • Loading onto carriers for outbound shipments