Pre-Show Support

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Phone Support - Call a Curtin Exhibitor Service Representative at (415) 883-7818 to assist you with your show planning needs.  Our professional staff will provide advice and recommendations to exhibitors as they complete the Exhibitor Service Kit and plan transportation of show materials.

Email Support - Contact a Curtin Exhibitor Service Representative at for answers to all your important logistical questions.

Exhibitor Service Kit (ESK)

Curtin offers two convenient options for ordering exhibitor services.  Both options include important event schedules, detailed guidelines, advance order deadlines, freight handling and drayage instructions, and a complete inventory of show products and services.  To best prepare for your event, please review the entire Exhibitor Service Kit.

Option #1 - Curtin OnLine Ordering allows exhibitors to order and pay for products electronically and receive an instant email order and payment confirmation.  In addition, a PDF of the ESK can be downloaded from Curtin OnLine.
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Option #2 - Request a PDF of the ESK to access a complete list of instructions and order forms.  Completed forms can be scanned and emailed or faxed to Curtin's office. 
Click to Request a PDF or call (415) 883-7818.

During Show Support

The Curtin Exhibitor Service Desk is staffed during move-in hours, through show opening, and during move-out hours to assist exhibitors with all show site needs.  

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  • General service and schedule questions
  • Show site orders and deliveries
  • Assistance with event day concerns
  • Outbound shipping assistance and forms
  • Beyond the Curtin Service Desk, a representative is present on the show floor for assistance


Post-Show Support

After the show is complete, contact a Curtin Exhibitor Service Representative to provide a comprehensive order summary and receipt.